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January                                                                                                                                                Back to Top

January 2 - Anna Aviles: Closing the Gender Pay Gap

January 3 - Nathaniel Evans: Public Safety

January 4 - Carl Mazzanti: Moving Local Government Applications to the Cloud

January 8 - Jay Michaels: Marketing and Promotions of Independent Art and Artists

January 9 - Nereida Quiles-Wasserman: Higher Education: An Adult Learner's Journey

January 10 - Donna Chlopak: Getting the Job You Want That is a Fit

January 15 - Yuri Kruman: How to Find Your Life Mission, Pursue It and Monetize It

January 16 - Sonya Aronowitz: Mid-Life Career Change: One Year as an Arts Entrepreneur

January 17 - Alan Siege: What do you need to start a business? You'd be surprised.  (SPECIAL TIME: 2 PM)

January 18 - Barry Cohen: Interview Preparation

January 22 - David Shriner-Cahn: Scaling an Expert-Based Solopreneur Business 

January 23 - Daniel Stermer: The American Heart Association in New York City  (Special Time: 11:30 AM)

January 25 - Christina "CK" Kerley: The Tech Megatrends Reshaping our Work and our World  (SPECIAL TIME: 10 AM)

January 25 - Pat Nichols: Interim Leadership of Nonprofits in High Transition 

January 29 - Michael Frankel: How Celebrating Birthdays Can Catapult Your Business

January 30 - Richard Schreiber: Project Management and Agility in Everyday Life

January 31 - Eamon Leonard: Blockchain for Business

uary                                                                                                                                                         Back to Top

February 1 - Gil Effron and Joyce Bone: Improving Sales Outcomes

February 4 - Vik Rajan: The Art of Testimonials

February 5 - Mindy Gewirtz: Game-based Entrepreneurial Thinking

February 6 - Moshe Kinderlehrer: Growing a Hyperlocal Community Media Business

February 12 - Jonathan Justin: The Acting Industry

February 14 - Maralyn Dolan: Why Print is Relevant

February 16 - Joel Salomon: Mindful Money Management (Special Time: 1:00 PM)

February 18 - Marci Redmond: Life Insurance and How Important It Is

February 21 - Pablo G. Velez: Non-Immigrant Investor Visas

February 22 - Marc Halpert: LinkedIn Tips for Professionals You Absolutely Have to be Using! (Special Time: 10:00 AM)

March                                                                                                                                                             Back to Top

March 1 - Elena Paraskevas-Thadani: Workplace Mediation

March 4 - David Parker: How to Overcome Procrastination 

March 5 - Diana Rangaves: How to Build a Foundation for Honest Decision-Making

March 7 - Andy Buyting: The Three Pillars of Marketing: Dominating Your Marketplace

March 11 - Phyllis Weiss Haserot: Multigenerational Workplace Success

March 14 - Arthur Warady: Liability Shield Property Protection Planning

March 18 - Lilia Yudina: Living Your Dreams

March 19 - Mitchell Levy: How to Develop a Career in Book Writing and Become a Thought Leader

March 21 - Jim Lewis: How to Write a Best Selling Book and Become Recognized

March 25 - Robert Politzer: The Smart Building Upgrade

March 26 - Faith Kinslow: Branding Advice for Business Owners

March 29 - Monique Blokzyl: How to Convince Anyone of Anything (Almost) Every Time

April                                                                                                                                                              Back to Top  

April 2 - Rui Li: Human Biomechanics and the Silent Epidemic of Pain and Overuse Injuries

April 5 - Laura Gross: The Keys to Profitable Positioning

April 9 - Josh Chernin: Generating Interest in Manufacturing as a Career

April 11 - Adrienne Garland: Women Entrepreneurs and Leaders - The Second Chapter

April 15 - B.J. Jhaveri: Finding Your Key Differentiator

April 16 - Michael Katz: Why Likeability has More Upside than Capability

April 19 - Dan Kuschell: The #1 Method You Can Use to Triple Your Business

April 23 - Matthew Miglin: Business Marketing and Cashflow

May                                                                                                                                                                 Back to Top

May 6 - Naava Frank: How to Build a Repeating Audience for a Thought Leadership Business

May 9 - Dana Rubin: The Importance of Women's Expertise and Experience in Opinion Forums

May 13 - Roberto Ragone: Integrity and the Value of Your Time and Partnerships

May 14 - David Geiger: Mental Illness and Criminal Justice Reform

May 16 - Stephanie Shalofsky: What's Preventing You From Being Organized? 

May 22 - Diana Rangaves: Embrace Your Excellence - Opioid Addiction Prevention Approach 

May 23 - Mariko Bhakti Hirakawa: How to Move Your Life and Business Forward with Yoga 

May 24 - Wilson X. Bezerra: The Stepper Bicycle

May 27 - Lilia Yudina: A Career in Music

May 29 - Brenda Trott: How to Know Your Social Media Marketing is Working

June                                                                                                                                                                Back to Top

June 5 - Catarina Bertling: 7 Secrets of Having Unreasonable Results in Your Life and Business

June 6 - Robert Prestipino: Place-Based Enterprise: The New Economy for Small Towns

June 7 -Torsten Schimanski - US Apprenticeships Programs - Career Pathways & Future

June 12 - Marc Halpert: LinkedIn for Non-Profit Professionals

June 17 - Jason M. Rivera: How to Build Wealth with Value Investing

June 18 - Jon Landers: Building a Global Platform for Independent Music Artists

June 19 - Jose Victor Catellanos: The Customer Content Journey

June 26 - Keith Wheeler: Where is Your Best Seller?

June 28 - Joshua Adams: Building a Brand and a Culture

July                                                                                                                                                                 Back to Top

July 5 - David Jost: What You will do Wrong by Being Agile: Best Practices

July 10 - Aimee Tariq: 99% of Americans Forget this Fundamental Career Step

July 12 - Robin Firestone: Becoming a Fiction or Non-Fiction Author Over 50

July 17 - Brian Graham: Saying Your Organization is "Agile" is Not Enough

July 18 - Imran Tariq: How These Timeless Principles will Grow Your Digital Footprint

July 19 - Carolyn Rivera: Transitioning from "Surviving" to "Thriving"

July 22 - Joseph Kellard: Marrying Writing with Photography to Create Content

July 25 - Kathy Perry: Facebook Advertising - A Powerful Tool to Generate Leads 

July 31 - Mark Nunnari: Crowdfunding Campaign for Brutally Honest Love

                                                                                                                                                         Back to Top

August 6 - Elizabeth A. Perry: Technology & Training for Non-Profits

August 8 - Paul McNeal: Gaining a 360-Degree View of the World of Crypto

August 9 - Ingrid Bredenberg: Leadership as a Practice, Not a Position

August 13 - James V. Jackson: Attacking Grief and Loss

August 14 - Frank Sprague: Agile Project Management for HR

August 21 - Sarah Zohn: How to Address Management Challenges in Today's Technology Companies

August 30 - Patricia Creedon: A Year After a Layoff: Lessons Leaned, Successes Gained

September                                                                                                                                                      Back to Top

September 5 - Shirley Bilson: 3 Blunders that Trash Your Family's Mental Wealth

September 6 - Joanne Weiland: Collaborating is the New Currency

September 12 - Liza Wisner: City Champions - A New Measure of Success

September 13 - Ned Parks: Culture is Built on Values and Delivered by Leaders

September 16 - Donia Youssef: The Monster in Mummy

September 20 - Judy Schramm: 5 Essential LinkedIn Strategies for CEOs

September 27 - Matt Champlin: Regaining Your Visual Voice

October                                                                                                                                                         Back to Top

October 10 - Andrew Magdy Kamal: Startups and Disruptive Technologies

October 11 - Raphael Lavin: Who is on Your Team?

October 15 - Leanne Cannon: Use Your Talents and Your Thoughts to Design Your Future

October 18 - David J. Dunworth: How Corporate Social Responsibility Grows Companies

October 21 - Available

October 22 - Ed Forteau: How Chatbots are Changing the Way Businesses Interact with Customers

October 25 - Thomas Crain: The Third Stage: Living and Working Past 60

October 28 - Available

October 29 - Available

November                                                                                                                                                     Back to Top

November 1 - Available

November 4 - Available

November 5 - Available

November 8 - Bill Dodds: Using Simulation for Sales Planning a Better Way

November 13 - James Johnson: Diving Customer Loyalty by Making it Effortless

November 14 - Available

November 15 - Available

November 18 - Available

November 19 - Available

November 21 - Available

November 25 - Available

November 26 - Available

November 29 - Available

ecember                                                                                                                                                      Back to Top

December 2 - Available

December 3 - Available

December 6 - Available

December 9 - Available

December 10 - Robert Klausner: Year-End Tax Planning

December 13 - Available

December 16 - Available

December 17 - Available

December 20 - Available

December 23 - Available

December 26 - Available

December 27 - Available


November                                                                                                                                                       Back to Top

November 2 - Rick DellaRatta: Jazz for Peace™ 

November 3 - Carl Mazzanti: Cyber Security for Municipalities

November 5 - Dr. Carla Marie Manly: Managing Anxiety in Stressful Times

November 7 - Jean Paul Laurent: Dental Philanthropy

November 9 - Jerry Storey: Overcoming Adversity

November 12 - Joel Schwartzberg: How the Critical Task of Making a Point is Often Missed

November 13 - Marc Halpert: LinkedIn for Professionals

November 14 - Alan Wolk: Why TV is Far from Dead

November 15 - Russell Rivera: Financial Balance as a Business Owner

November 16 - Anil Melwani: Accounting and Taxes for the Real Estate Industry

November 19 - Jean Baur: How What Yo Do in Your Free Time May Help You Find a Job

November 20 - Rick Raymond: Challenges of Creating Change Initiatives in Family Businesses

November 21 - Benjamin Berlin: Finding Gratitude in a 12,000 Mile Road Trip Across America

November 22 - Alexander Mirvis: Why Credit Card Processing Costs Business Owners Billions

November 23 - Jacob Smith: How to Create a 25th Hour Towards Your Dreams

November 26 -  Carl Mazzanti: Section 179 Tax Deduction for Investments in Technology

November 27 - Bruce Segall: Using LinkedIn for Visibility and Relationship Development

November 28 - Tom Glendening: Urban Mobility

November 29 - Frank Bastone: Discover the Islands of the Caribbean

November 30 - Nancy D. Miller: Employment of People with Disabilities: How Do We Influence Attitudes?

December                                                                                                                                                        Back to Top

December 3 - Joanna Leefer: Eldercare: Important Facts to Choosing the Best Care Option

December 4 - Mark Hofmaier: Does Leadership Coaching Have a Value?

December 5 - Tom Glendening: Bike Wars!

December 6 - Jeff Thomashow: The Future of Mobility in New York City

December 8 - Charles Euchner: Using Storytelling to Understand and Explain Business Challenges

December 10 - Benzion Klatzko: How to Create an Influential and Successful Micro Social Network

December 11 - Robert Klausner: Year-End Tax Planning

December 12 - Julie Dalton: Redefining the Conversation About Aging

December 13 - Sally Morgan: Calm Your Public Speaking Fears

December 14 - Mayor Thomas Roach:Technological Innovation in White Plains, New York

December 17 - Lilia Yudina: Millennials

December 18 - Carl Mazzanti: Smaller Retailers: Keeping Up with Technology

December 21 - Franklin Mora: How Your Down's Set You Up for Your Best Ups

December 26 - Howard Wiener: Federal Reserve Policy on Rate Hikes & Trimming the Balance Sheet

December 27 - Michelle Bernard: A New Year Means a New Dedication to Your Fitness and Wellness

December 28 - Ida Ivanka Kubler: Revelations on How to Hold on to Your Tabby